Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Orleans Square Secrets & History

Time for New Orleans Square!

1. If you look at the top of the buildings of New Orleans Square, you can see the top of a pirate ship. It is like the Columbia Ship on the Rivers of America.These sails were designed by Park Decorating to conceal the lights used during Fantasmic. If you stand between River Belle Terrace and the River, and look up at the roof over the Gallery, you can see the sails and the searchlights behind them.

2. Walt & Roy Disney's initials are hidden within the decorative balcony railing found above the Pirates of the Caribbean directly above the Royal Street Verandah - gumbo & chowder shop.

3. In the New Orleans Train Station you can hear a tap tap sound. That is actually Walt Disney's opening day Disneyland speech! Many people don't know this but if you stop and listen it sounds mesmerising!

Trivia / fun facts:
1. It is believed that the skull and crossbones above the pirate lying in the bed in Pirates of the Caribbean are real! It was believed that Walt received it as a gift and decided to put them in the ride.

2. In the ballroom scene the entire roof has a mirror at 45°. At the end if the ballroom scene the is a small spider in a spider web on this mirror. This is because someone shot a small pellet at it leaving a spider web like crack. This was a much cheaper fix as it is one long mirror so they'd have to take the roof off the building to fix it.

3. There was a plan for a restraint that would be called the world of weird. It was them scrapped and partially put in the Haunted Mansion with different concepts being put in.

1. Before New Orleans Square existed, there was a land called holidayland. Holidayland was basically a picnic area located there. It was shut down as many believed it wasn't Disney enough then being replaced by New Orleans Square.

2. A huge basement was dug, after guests enjoyed dinning and shopping they could go downstairs through a Pirate Wax Museum located down there. After the world fair they realised that they needed a larger space than the basement. This was the first time a ride was built outside the berm.

3. This area was Disneyland's first land expansion/creation sixpence the park opened (tomorrowland one a few years earlier doesn't count as tomorrowland existed already). It was also the last one Walt Disney was personally involved with.

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