Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fantasyland Secrets & History

Here we go! Fantasyland time!


1. Every few minutes, the Evil Queen (Queen Grimhilde, Snow White's Stepmother) peers through the curtains and glares ominously out her window. She can be found above the Snow White attraction in Fantasyland, easily seen from the Peter Pan queue across the courtyard.

2. Leonardo da Vinci's famed Mona Lisa appears in the pile of loot on Pleasure Island on Pinocchio's Daring Journey.

3. Keep an eye out for Shelock Holmes' silhouette hidden in one of the windows on Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Fun Facts/ trivia:

1. The drawbridge was only closed and then open twice. The first time was opening day. The second time was when the 1983 fantasyland renovation finished.

2. The four castle dark rides (Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, and Mr. Toad) were all open on opening day. Their original outer design were more like carnivals as in they were tents. In 1983, they change the outer facade to look more like castles.

3. The Matterhorn was originally going to be called candy mountain as it would be a mountain ride through candy. Walt Disney thought that was too 'cheesy' and didn't want it. He decided to make the Mattehorn once he saw the actual mountain while filming Third Man on the Mountain.


1. An old attraction that no longer exists is the skyway. It would go in between fantasyland and tomorrowland. Few remnants remain if this attraction however. One is the garden in the back of Mr. Toads Wild Rode. That used to be a tower for the ride. Another one is the old building that the skyway would go into. It can be seen in between Village Haus and Casey Jr. On the north side, there is a food vendor in front of it but you can still see the pathway and part of the building.

2. Dumbo was originally going to have an entire land within Fantasyland (like Flik's fun fair in Bugsland). There was going to be a dark ride, the dumbo ride, a show and one other thing. It was later scrapped and it only became the one ride.

3. This is a bit of history and fun fact. The castle was originally going to be the other way. They had a small model of the castle and some imagineers were playing around with the pieces. They heard Walt coming so quickly out it back together. However they put it together backwards. Walt liked it better like this so it stayed like that and put it in the park. Imagine standing in fantasyland looking to the castle. That was originally going to be the front.

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