Friday, 28 March 2014

Toontown Secrets & History

Mickeys ToonTown time! I thought I'd do Toontown as I did the post yesterday about the same thing. Here is it all!

1. In the Toontown Fire Department there is a doorbell and when you press it you here barking and stuff. If you look at the Fire Department there is a dog barking out the window which appears to be one of the 101 Dalmatians!

2. Baby Herman's dressing room is located along the Rodger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin queue. Peer through the glass to catch a glimpse of Baby Herman smoking a cigar and scanning the papers for a lead on a horse.

3. Several Disney inspired vanity plates have been posted on the loading zone walls, inside Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. Example: CAP 10 HOOK( Captain Hook), L MERM8 (little mermaid), FAN T C (fantasy).

Trivia/ fun facts: 
1. Mickey can be seen at his house for more than 90% of the day. The line on the other hand can be longer than line for rides. Minnie Mouse can also be seen in her house most of the day.

2. Some of the trees on the Toon Town "hills" are real. They are raised up behind everything else.

3. The reason that ToonTown closes before the fireworks is because the Disney building right behind it has the supplies. The fireworks are launched off the rook. The people aren't allowed to leave the building during this time either for safety.

1. You know the Jolley Trolley that can be seen at the station? There used to be 2-3 of them and they would go up and down ToonTown. ToonTown became too busy and they had to stop moving the trolley for safety. 

2. Goofy's playhouse used to be Goofy's Bouncehouse. It was later change because adults weren't even allowed into the building, only able to watch through the windows. It was later deemed that having children bounce around mostly unsupervised is unsafe and everything that was bouncy (literally everything) became non-bouncy.

3. Chip and Dale's treehouse change a lot since ToonTown opening 21 years ago. The way it used to be was you'd go up the spiral staircase IN the tree and then go down a slide into am acorn crawl (a ball pit of acorns). The acorn crawl was taken out for "sanitary reasons" while nobody knows why the slide was taken out.

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