Sunday, 30 March 2014

Winnie the Pooh has been on enough adventures

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is located in Critter Country and is never ridden on anymore by about 90% of people. It's really only ridden by people who have never been on it or people who want to see the bear country jamboree secret. Winnie the Pooh first opened in 2003 replacing Bear Country Jamboree (BCJ). It was a big problem for many people that BCJ was closing to become a Winnie the Pooh ride. Many were nervous that this wasn't going to be a good change and a lack lustre ride. Well they were right. Winnie the Pooh hardly ever has a line up longer than 30 seconds. It says five minutes but it isn't true. The queue is from you walking through the queue. Something needs to be done with this ride.

What I would do is take it out and put in a new ride. No doubt about it. I wouldn't even suggest a new update. Just remove it. Since it is in Critter Country you can use that to your advantage making a ride about the cubs from Brave, or make a ride about the Lion King. I would personally suggest the Lion King as it is the most popular movie they have made (grossing wise). It could be made as a musical show theatre like the way it is in Disneyworld and redo the building to be a theatre like it formerly was. The advantage with doing it as a show is that all the songs in the Lion King are known by everyone. The show would also be beneficial as California Adventures has Aladdin but Disneyland has no real show throughout the park.

The other suggestion would be to create it as a ride like it is with Winnie the Pooh now. The ride vehicles could be different animals throughout the movie like Zebras or Rhinos, etc. it would be easy to resell the story from all the movies, just the first or create a new story about what happens after the film and what we don't see in the movie. Either way, the ride would still be great and a hit as there is no ride nor reference to the Lion King throughout the entire Disneyland Resort.

Either way, I suggest making a Lion King ride to replace The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I will be back later today with the Secrets & History post.

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  1. they just need a story line for the ride and to let more people know it exists