Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Innoventions needs a reboot

Let's make a checklist of what I have done so far in tomorrowland. Peoplemover, buzz, the subs. That everything right? NO! There is one last thing that needs to be dealt with. Innoventions. Innoventions used to be my favourite thing to do as I loved the outer part that would spin with the quiz show and everything, then the outer part no longer spun. Then the outer part was no longer used. Then the dream home became outdated (house of the future anyone?) and so on and so forth. Then they tried to save it with updating the upstairs to have ASIMO, Marvel characters (Thor, Iron Man and now Captain America) as well as technology updates with the xbox's and technology used in the spaceship earth ride in EPCOT. It is still a long way from being good. 

Let's share some history. The building was first opened as an attraction called America Sings. It was the same idea as bear country jamboree except for a wider range of animals and about America. It originally had a Sam the Eagle but it looked nothing like the one we know today. The ride started to loose appeal and was eventually shut down. Don't worry though! If you want to see the animatronics go on Splash Mountain. Most of the animatronics used for that ride came from America Sings. After America Sings shut down they thought of an idea showcasing a mix of inventions that were innovations, hence the name Innoventions. 

First thing I would do is get rid of the dream home or at least update it. Nobody is real fond of it and if they are going into Innoventions they are going for ASIMO (awesome show by the way! I recommend it!) or a Marvel character. The problem they are facing with the dream home is he same problem they faced with the House of the Future. The House of the Future had two refurbishments done to try to make it advanced but technology caught up too fast. What they need to do is remove he dream home and add in a different thing. Whether make it all Marcel, or make it a different theme like robotics. 

The second possibility they could do(although I would hate to see this happen), would be to tear down Innoventions and build something new there. While I love new updates constantly, I'd hate to see Innoventions go. I love the history and I love the view from the top floor. This is still quite a possibility because it is an old building( If you look on the outside mural at one point you can see a hockey player wearing a mighty ducks jersey), and it is a bit of an eye sore. I'd really hate to see this happen as for them to tear it down they would probably have to remove the People Mover track which would be a real shame as there is so much potential. 

Another possibility, while highly unlikely. Would be to do a throwback idea to the Carousel of Progress. Have the bottom floor with different decades or generations with the top being a rebuilt version of he famed progress city. For those of you who don't know, progress city was a City Walt designed based on what he thought the future would look like. There was no pin point and since it doesn't look like that now it could easily be put in there still and it still loos very futuristic. I highly doubt it will happen as they just went through the work putting in Captain America and why do that just as you are about to change the entire building. It is highly unlikely but very possible with Disney. Even though they pay attention to detail a few times they do some weird things that don't seem thought out. 

Overall, I'd say Innoventions needs a big makeover. Is say it needs a bigger one than Nemo does. And I think I made it pretty clear how I feel about those Subs last week. Next week I am going to do Captain EO. I am telling you that as I am almost done already and I may post it early but don't expect that! If not, see you Sunday!

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  1. what would be nice to see with a replacement to the house of the future would be a sort of consumer show allowing companies to have long term display of what they are planning on releasing and what is being developed. they could rotate these out and bring new tech in while at the same time if it proves a success start renting the space to companies