Friday, 22 August 2014

Pin Trading

As part of being a Disney fan I like collecting Disney collectables including pins. Pin trading is a favourite thing of mine to do and I recently discovered online forums and databases. I really like the one forum as it also has an ask section where you can ask an expert about pin trading and also the parks! It's a really neat thing to get advice so easily! Check it out! Click here

Monday, 18 August 2014

A quick update

Today I added a new person to the blog. The Retro Nerd is going to be our photographer for when we want some photographs of some harder to see things. On the right is a sample gallery of his work and if you click it, it will then open all the photos he posted on it so far. Check those photos out if you are interested or wait to see him in action!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Skyway (Preview)

I know! Finally a new post! Took long enough right? Well I thought I would do a new one as it has been too long. Today I am writing it as a mini celebration as I added a new writer and owner by the name of Ryan. This post is a preview entailing the history of the skyway that I will have a post about in a bit over a weeks time. Enjoy!

This time I am going to talk about what I would do with the old Skyway Station in Fantasyland. What? You don't know about the Fantasyland Skyway Station? I don't blame you, most don't unfortunately.

The Skyway was a ride that had opened in 1956. You would use one of your D Tickets to go from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland or Vice Versa. The Skyway had been a bird's eye view of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland so was a relatively popular attraction. There was a small problem in 1958 when the designs for Matterhorn were finished as they had realized that where the imagineers wanted to put the Matterhorn was right in the middle of the way. They decided to use this to their advantage to add holes through the Matterhorn making it cheaper for them. The imagineers then did something unimaginable in making the Matterhorn without even closing the Skyway once! Then in 1994 the Skyway closed for one reason. It wasn't a death, it wasn't cost but it was because the posts needed refurbishments but the only way to refurbish the post inside the Matterhorn was to take down the Matterhorn, repair the post, then rebuild the Matterhorn. So they had to choose between taking down the Matterhorn, or getting rid of the Skyway. Sadly it was the latter.

The Tomorrowland station was...