Thursday, 27 March 2014

Toontown has been around for long enough

Toontown has now been open for more than 2 decades and has had many updates. Most of them have been awful. The first bad update is when they no longer allowed the Jolley Trolley to go through Toontown. The Jolley Trolley went from the beginning of the area ( Roger Rabbits cartoon spin) to the back of the area (Chip and Dales treehouse). The Jolley Trolley had to stop moving as too many people were 'in the way' and it became a safety concern. It has never winced moved again.

The second bad update was the Chip and Dale Tree house. You used to be able to go up to the top of the tree and then slide down and walk over to an 'Acorn Crawl' (a ball pit). The ball pit was removed as kids should throw up and they have to constantly close it down for maintenance. Nobody is quite sure why the slide was taken out however as there were no real injures sustained.

The third and last bad update that makes me mad was the Goofy's bounce house. Goofy's house was originally a bounce that only kids under a certain height could go in and everything in the house was bouncy. Afterwards, it was updated so that it was a 'playhouse' and you could go in and relax or play in his garden.

So all in all, all updates in toon town have sucked. I would suggest one of two things to be done in the toon town area. The firs thing would be to update the buildings. I'd first update Roger Rabbits cartoon spin. It needs an update. There is so much new technology to make the ride a whole lot better. Another update would be needed for the houses. Mickeys house just needs some touch up throughout the barn and the house in general. In my opinion, they should just close Toontown for a few months to do general touch ups throughout the entire area.

The second suggestion, the one I'd pick, would be to close Toontown all together. I'd choose this choice as then they could do the same thing that they did at Disney World. If they closed Toontown they could open rides like the seven dwarfs mine train or other rides that would be considered fantasy. The advantage with this is that even thought they close a place that some kids enjoy but then can open rides with new and better technology bringing more and more guests making them receive more money.

All in all I suggest removing Toomtown to bring in more Fantasyland rides. To me, it seems like a money saver technique and maybe even will make them more money as they will get more guests to come and visit for a period of time as they are intrigued by the new rides.

That is all for now, don't forget to look for a new post tomorrow!  

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