Sunday, 9 March 2014

Adventureland Secrets & History

1. Jabba the Hut in Adventureland?!?!?!? Yes! When they were transforming it from Swiss Family Robison Tree to Tarzans Treehouse the imagineers had a little fun redesigning the tree. It is slightly distorted but it can be seen.

2. Where Indiana Jones was built used to be eeyores cast member parking lot. As a tribute to the former lot you can actually still see the sign. When you are in the projector room go towards the screen and look back at the projector. You will probably have to ask a caste member to use their flashlight as it can be hard to see.

3. While on the jungle cruise you can see a hint of a Classic Disney film. On a shield resting on the hut behind the tribe members you can see the lion king musical logo. It can be hard to see depending on what side of the boat you are on.

Trivia/ fun facts:
1. There is a tree right beside the fastpass distribution for Indiana Jones that really stands out if you are paying attention. This tree is the oldest tree in the park if you don't include the petrified wood tree (oh, you don't know about that? You will by next week!). I will talk about this more in History as here is some really neat things about this tree.

2. When Indiana Jones first opened, everyone who went received a decoder sponsored by AT&T. The decoders were used to decode the Maraglyphics that were everywhere through the ride queue. An example would be using the decoder to realise that the tombstones in the projector room say the three chamber choices (if anyone has one of these decoders... I'd love one!).

3. There is a place called Aladdin's oasis at the end/beginning of Adventureland. This place used to have a dinner show that would go along with the Tiki Room. Then it became a dinner show for Aladdin once it became unpopular it was never replaced with anything else. Now the characters occasionally show up but it's a great place to sit and eat in the shade.

1. The tree is called the Dominguez tree. When Disney was buying the land for Disneyland he had to meet with the Dominguez family. They would sell him their land IF he kept the tree there. Being Disney he kept it there to follow the deal and they actually had to build the roof of the Jungle Cruise around it as they had to leave the tree.

2. The Jungle Cruise was one of the first rides to be completed as the trees and plant life needed time to grow so it looked like an actual jungle. In some places they actually took old dead trees and planted them upside down so the roots where up adding different details throughout the ride.

3. The Jungle cruise was originally going to be like Kilimanjaro Safaris and have real animals. The idea just wasn't well thought out so Disney was worried the animals wouldn't cooperate and you wouldn't be able to see most. To fix that they decided to put in Audio-animatronics. Personally I don't mind the animatronics as then they have the jokes ready because they know what to expect.

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