Sunday, 16 March 2014

Frontierland Secrets & History

1. While walking along the Big Thunder Trail you can see a small lagoon with a tunnel right across from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is remnants from the ride that used to be where Big Thunder is now, Mine Train Through Natures Wonderland. This isn't the only place you can see remnants but my favourite place to!

2. Along the same trail you can see a large pile of something that may seem strange to you. These are actually horseshoes! They were put in as a symbol of good luck and have been there since the opening of the ranch.

3. At Christmas time, the big thunder ranch turns into a Christmas experience. Many times throughout the day you can see Goofy there dressed up as Santa. Also there will be Santa's reindeer and the reindeer roundup. Most people don't go back there as it's deemed too far out of the way and often quite and ignored.

Trivia/ Fun Facts:
1. Outside the Golden Horseshoe there is a large dead tree trunk. That is actually petrified wood that has been there since opening day. For their wedding anniversary, Walt bought the tree for his wife. She however, decided that it would look better at their park then at home.

2. The buildings seen at the end of Big Thunder Mountain have been there since the Mine Train was there as it was included in the Mine Train ride. It was left in to represent the hustle and bustle of a mine town.

3. There used to be 'special guests' that appear on top of the Golden Horseshoe throughout the years. The most famous and common one of them all was Zorro. Zorro was constantly showing up and would appear sometime throughout the year.

1. The Golden Horseshoe was built for opening day at the park and has stayed there looking great ever since. Very few changes have even happened to it besides changes in technology and a few paint jobs.

2. When Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was being designed, lead imagineer, Tony Baxter actually designed a whole exhibition that would be put in including five or six rides. Only Big Thunder and the ranch were put in at the end.

3. On the Rivers of America you can see different remnants from rides that used to exist in Frontierland. One is kneel boats and it is an actual one. The kneel boats used to go around until someone fell of and they never went around again. The other remnant you can see is track and a former train from Mine Train through Natures Wonderland.

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