Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Poor Zurg has suffered enough

So I'm sticking with the Tomorrowland area since Tomorrowland needs some work as it's more like Pastland. One thing that needs to be fixed is Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Since it's opening in 2005 all it has ever really been is Roger Rabbits cartoon spin with an interactive gun. While at first it seemed like a pretty neat idea, Toy Story Mania opened which was the same idea except 100% better. It was 3D, interactive, and a better system than Buzz. After Toy Story opened you don't see buzz have more than a 20 minute lineup, nor is it worth waiting more than that. 

Some history should be mentioned first. The attraction first opened up as circlerama. Later changed to Circle-vision 360° and then Circle-Vision. It was a large stand up theatre area with large televisions all around you. It was then closed and reopened as the Rocket Rods queue. It was the largest queue to ride ratio in the park and still is in history. After Rocket Rods closed the building was first used to house King Arthur's carousel as it was being re-painted. Then went under construction to become Buzz Lightyear. 

Now that you have a bit if a back story there are a few things I would do to make this much better. The first thing I would do is get rid of Buzz, I am not going to lie. It's outdated, not as good as other rides that are similar. Then you are left with one question, what do you do with the building? There are a few things you could do to the building making it worth while. The first choice would be to re-open Circlevision or a attraction like that. The idea of that type of attraction is still seen at Disney world. It is used at the Canada Pavilion in the world Showcase at Epcot and still works great!

The problem is that maybe people don't want to stand for a show. Another question is was what they showcase? The next solution is a quite simple one but involves other concepts in it. The next solution would be to do another previous thing. This world be to used it as a queue for the people mover or rocket rods or a different attraction using the track. It would be like it formerly was and they would be able to incorporate old rides into the queue like rocket rods. Now I'll admit this isn't my favourite solution and it would be my last choice, but I'd still rather it than Buzz Lightyear.

There is one last solution that could be done is a different ride. I know, crazy right, a ride in a attraction building! That's absurd (sarcasm is fun)! But I'm serious... There are millions of rides that could be done and fit in the building. You can't tell from the outside or even on the ride the size of the building. But if you look at an Aerial view you can see just how large it is and just how large the theatre is. Rides ranging from something like Adventures Thru inner Space or a different old "throwback" ride to something that is brand new and unsee before. Maybe it has something to do with time travel like an Ellen's Energy Adventure yet smaller and ranges throughout time. Almost a Back to the Future like idea but obviously can't be like that as Disney doesn't own the rights. 

Overall, there are many options to what can be done with the building. Obviously, there is keep Buzz Lightyear in the building but that would be my last choice. My top choice would actually be putting in a different ride all together. It could either be an old ride design or a new one as both are good depending on who the guests are and what their opinions are. Close behind it however is putting it back as the Circlevision theatre as the experience in Disney world is beautiful and it should be in Disneyland as well. Third on my list would be the queue for a ride. I rather it be a line for a ride than an actual ride. If that doesn't say something I don't know what would. 

That's all for this week! Remember to send in questions or comments you have about this post or any other future posts. Come back on Sunday!

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