Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Disneyland needs to move more people

You may have been able to tell from the title what attraction I am talking about here. Incase you don't I am talking about the Peoplemover. I never got to ride it unfortunately but I am very passionate about that ride. If you ever want to ware 4+ hours talk to me about the Peoplemover.

First, a little history of the people mover. It was added in Tomorrowland in 1967 with Adventures through Inner space, the monorail and the submarine voyage through liquid space. These were all added to create the theme of "world of motion" throughout Tomorrowland. The ride lasted 28 years before closing in 1995. The ride was then replaced by Rocket Rods in 1998 which lasted a little longer than two years. The track is still there more than 13 years after the closure of Rocket Rods.

Now, what do I suggest doing? Before I explain let me just remind you again I am only 16 and while I think I know what's right it may be entirely wrong! Here's what I would do. First, I would decide what to put in there. A definite no is obviously Rocket Rods as the track just wasn't built for a ride like that and you'd need a slower ride. Personally, I would put the people mover back in as Disneyland needs one of those slower rides that can be done together and everyone enjoys. Secondly, I would go through the entire track and make sure everything is all right (no litter, no tree branches overhanging or anything else that would protrude on the track. Thirdly, I would window off any place that opens up into a building as there is no need to have a risk of injury for whatever reason. The advantage they have now over 15 years ago is so many different technological advances. Nowadays they could put touch screens in the car so you can see different things about different places in the park so if you are in Star Tours you could see history about the new one, the old one and even Adventure through inner space. It could be done fairly easily for all the rides to as well as you can then have many different languages talking to you through the ride. Lastly, I would make repairs to the track that are needed in a few places as Rocket Rods would have damaged it in many ways as well as giving it a new paint job as in some places it's a little worn down.

One thing I'd like to point out is that Disneyland said that they are not able to re-open the Peoplemover as OSHA wouldn't allow them as it would pass regulations incase of a breakdown as well as wheelchair accessibility. The incase of breakdown excuse is garbage for two reasons. All you need is a railing and stairs off. Half of it is indoors where there are doors to get up there anyways so if they broke down in the building they'd get out and leave through the back way. When they are out side there are railings for more than 50% on the one side. How the Peoplemover cars open they only open on that one side anyways so it wouldn't matter as they could only get out on that side. As for stairs down just build one in the deeper part of the track that's intermingled with Autopia. I say this as it would be closer to walk towards a building in most places anyways. The only problem would be a wheelchair accessible cart. There is an elevator and it is actually now the tomorrowland terrace shop. Build in a little platform on the loading dock that goes in and out like it does for Space Mountain then the only problem would be incase of breakdown which the pathway is wide enough that a wheelchair would fit down. Another problem with this is that how would this not pass but something like the monorail does? If it breaks down then the people are trapped on it until rescue. Just a thought though! Let me know what you though about it all as I like to hear feedback!

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