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Tomorrowland History & secrets

I will be giving history, trivia, secrets and other things in each different post (I love this sort of thing!). I will start off with all the lands in DLR. If this is highly liked I will then do the same with WDW. The first land I will go over is tomorrowland.


  1. One of my most favourite secrets, while being weird, is a kinda-secret washroom. Most people don't know this unless they look at the maps (even then it's tricky) or just know it. The way to find this is you go to where you would go to the railroad in between Autopia and the fastpasses for Autopia. As you are walking to the railroad station, turn left just before the little souvenir cart and the washrooms are behind the corner and stairs leading to the people mover track. Another secret with this is it is one of the biggest washrooms in the park.
  2. I lied, this one is my favourite of Tomorrowland if not all of DLR. This one lets you get a free souvenir at Disneyland... You heard me right... A FREE souvenir... What you do is look at your show time guide and go to the ASIMO show at Innoventions (only good thing in Innoventions). You want to get there about 20-30 minutes before the start of the show. There will be a cast member who will do a few trivia questions giving out coins for getting the answer right. The questions are fairly easy like the time I went it was "what was the walk through exhibit when Disneyland opened" (20,000 leagues under the sea), "what attraction has a basketball court in it" (Matterhorn), and others like that. The coin has ASIMO on one side and Disneyland Innoventions on the other. It is made by highland mint so is great quality!
  3. Want to go on Star Tours or Space Mountain but it's a long line all day? There are two solutions. The first solution is go there first thing in the morning and get a fastpass or even wait until a little later in the day and get a letter one. If you don't want to lock your fastpass all day then there is a different solution. The best time would be before, during or after the fireworks. It also works during parades but not as well usually. During one of these things the line is usually cut in half if not more.

Trivia/ Fun Fact:

  1. Did you know that Space Mountain is only 199.5 feet tall? That is because for where it is there are laws about any structure that is over 200 feet has to have a flashing light on it. While personally I believe a flashing light would still tie in fine the decided to keep it under the height requirement.
  2. The structure for the people mover can be seen all over tomorrowland while walking around, but did you know you can see it from on other attractions? You can see it in the queue of Star Tours as well as one of the scenes in Buzz Lightyear (Fun Fact: The moon and sun from circle vision 360° lobby can be seen in this area as well). You can obviously also see it many times on he monorail or Autopia. You can no longer see it in Innoventions anymore.
  3. This is trivia and history conjoined into one. Buzz Lightyear opened 7 years later at DLR than at WDW (2005 compared to 1998). The two reasons for this is the building Buzz is in first held Rocket Rods on the people mover track and once that was a bust it held King Arthur's carousel while being refurbished as it was so big. It then went into construction and opened up in 2005.

1. This is one of my favourite pictures of the history of different attractions that were and now starting in 1967. The legend explains it all:

2. Matterhorn was originally part of tomorrowland before becoming part of fantasyland. To this day the different tracks are called the tomorrowland and fantasyland track to represent the corresponding sides.
3. Even though the Flying Saucers were taken out before 1967, it was originally planned to be re-put back in underneath Space Mountain but was scrapped for the same reason it was taken out. 

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