Thursday, 13 February 2014

People Mover Part 2

Let me start this off by apologising for not having a post yesterday. I was extremely busy and didn't have a chance to post but am publishing it today instead. My hope is to continue on with posting on Wednesdays but this week had a minor setback so was unable to do so. 

I am going to now take what I had said in the first one and expand it. I felt that whole I explained it in the first one it was very deep and I could go into more detail. The first thing I'll go into more detail on is the track and the idea behind it. 

The green path shows the track of the People Mover. The People Mover track goes through or over:

Redd's Rockett Pizza Port
Space Mountain
Star Tours
Buzz Lightyear

The track looks into Buzz Lightyear and Star Tours. It looks into Innoventions but the wall that it looks into is covered by ASIMO, Thor, and the xbox game area. If the xbox area was moved or at least the curtain taken down people could ride the People Mover and be able to look into Innoventions and see other exhibits making people want to do into Innoventions as it's struggling right now (something I'll talk about in my next post). 

The next item I want to go into more detail about is the safety aspect. With Disneyland, safety is a number one priority. The easy solutions for some place would be putting window along the entire indoor area so if there is a need of evacuation, there is no risk of people falling into a different attraction accidentally. And with how the carts are set up there is an exit on one side of the vehicle and the easy way to deal with this is to create a fence along the side that the door is on the whole way through. The problem would the be stairs which again create two or three sets of stairs in the track between Innoventions and Buzz Lightyear. That way there is am exit everywhere needed incase of a closure of the ride due to a breakdown.

The next idea that I would personally want to incorporate is a screen that can be used if wanted showcasing history, facts, hidden mickeys, etc. of the ride they are either going through, facing, or The People Mover itself. With the technology that is available today it would be fairly easy to have it set up that way. One way to do it would have a touch screen like a tablet where it would have the ride as a schematic or blueprint with at the bottom there are choices for history, facts, etc. and people get to chose what they want to view and can chose to continue viewing that ride or going to the next one they can see.

The last item I want to go over I'm more detail is how the track will work. In the original people mover it was motorised by wheels pushing it along the track. Then with rocket rods steel tubing was put in. The steel tubing needs to be removed as steel tubing is only beneficial for faster rides ( Matterhorn, Space Mountain, California Screamin' and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad when it reopens). The People Mover isn't a fast ride and steel tubing would be a waste and awful for this ride. A more reasonable solution would be to put in the same system used for something like Mr. Toads wild ride or even a basic track like the old way had.

As mentioned shortly above my next post is going to be on Innoventions next Wednesday. Come back on Sunday as I am going to start a new series all about history and secrets of different places in Disneyland and then moving over to Walt Disney World.


  1. i do not know if you have read the article but disney is planing on removing the remainder of the track. the steel tubing would be durable enough even for slow moving vehicles. with the touch screens though they are expensive Disney could probably afford them but in a setting like Disney they would be out of order a lot it would need to be a more durable system then a touch screen maybe like an airplane TV controller or they could have a different video/ info screen for different carts the fence would have to be removable for evac. they would also need a way to gain attention on ground level for the attraction somehow. it would be nice if they replaced it with something more futuristic like a tube system expensively with the original intent of tomorrow land.with demonstrating a potential future

    1. While I see what you are saying. There have been articles about the track being removed for years. Ever since 2005 I believe... Plus they have actually been clearing debris of the track for the past few months. Touch screens aren't too expensive but I see what you mean with them going out of order. The remote idea could always work as well. The problem with the tube system is the it isn't the astetically pleasing look Disney has and would be an eye sore (more than it already is). Thank you for your input!

    2. look at those new buses with the AC could be possible to do something similar