Sunday, 23 February 2014

Critter Country Secrets & History

1. Where Winnie the Pooh is now is what used to be Bear Country Jamboree. You can see evidence of this by riding Winnie the pooh and about half way through the ride you can look back and see a few characters from BCJ (Max, Buff and Melvin).
2. While on Splash Mountain you will see Fowler's Cellar which is adjacent to Fowler's Harbor, a dry dock for the S.S. Columbia. Fowler's Harbor, Fowler's Inn and Fowler's Cellar are all named as tributes to Admiral Joe Fowler, a retired Navy Officer and close friend of Walt Disney, who was integral to Disneyland's construction.
3. From the right angle Splash Mountain resembles Pride Rock from the Lion King.


1. Splash Mountain is based off of one of the most, if not the most controversial Disney movies created, Song of the South. This can be seen through the main characters throughout the ride in Brer Fox, Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit.
2. Tony Baxter was the lead imagineer who was in charge of this design and actually came up with the idea of a log fume to help the back corner of the park which was struggling.
3. It wasn't originally going to be called Splash Mountain. It was originally going to be called Zip-A-Dee River Run but then Michael Eisner (Good 'Ol Eisner) decided do change it to Splash Mountain for two reasons. The first one was because he wanted to cross-refrence it with a movie by Disney being released that year by the name of "Splash". The second reason is that the cast members all wanted a new mountain and Eisner thought this one would make a "Splash". That is how it got it's name!

History: (I am pretty sure most of these are known but if not alright!)
1. The most known one is also a Secret I put. That is that Winnie the Pooh used to be a favourite for most in Bear Country Jamboree.
2. Most of the Splash Mountain Characters seen in the final boat scene were originally from America Sings. At this time America Sings was struggling and was to soon shut its doors. Tony Baxter thought it would be smart to take the animatronics from there saving them time, money and labour.
3. Critter Country went through different names throughout time. Originally it was called Indian Village, later renamed to Bear Country, and finally to broaden the species a bit, they renamed the land to Critter Country.

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