Saturday, 4 October 2014

How to ship a Disney pin

You need:
-bubble mailer (can be bought in bulk for around $1 each at places like office depot, target, costco, etc).
-bubble wrap (found at same places, but try to just save bubble wrap from when ppl send you pins)

-computer with printer.
-packing tape to secure the label to the mailer
-a paypal account.

(If you dont have the above optional items, just skip the shipping label section and take your sealed mailer to the post office)
ALWAYS GET DELIVERY CONFIRMATION.  Paypal shipping is the cheapest shipping, and includes free delivery confirmation.

-first wrap the pin in at least 2 layers of bubble wrap.  The goal is to be able to step on it without bending the post.  DON'T ACTUALLY STEP ON IT.  Ideally it also won't be so thick that it won't fit through a mail slot.  If you are shipping multiple pins, pin them to a card or something or wrap them individually to make sure they don't clank against each other in transit.
-then put the bubble in your bubble mailer.  While these are self adhesive, it is a good idea to put extra tape over the seal, because it is too easy for anyone in the mail system to rip open the mailer and this has reportedly happened.

Shipping label:
-service type is First-Class Mail® Parcel (2-5 days)
-ideally you have a kitchen scale and can measure the package.  If not, one or 2 small pins is 3oz.  add an ounce for each 2 or 3 pins after that.
-if it's high value, signature confirmation (for about $2 extra) is a good idea, especially if the package is too big to fit through a mail slot.
-submit the form and print the label.  Attach it securely to the mailer, and drop it off at the post office.
-send the delivery confirmation number (DC#) to the recipient.

The end.

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