Sunday, 12 October 2014

E-Ticket Magazine

I know you were expecting a post about Hidden Mickeys but I got my Wisdom Teeth removed so couldn't get the photos needed. Instead, I am going to make a post about a Disney Magazine most people don't know about.

The name of the magazine is the E-ticket Magazine, named after E-tickets ised to get on the thrill rides at Disneyland. The magazine was created by brothers Leon and Jack Janzen. At first it started out a small thing talking about a certain ride and all. Then as it progressed it became a much bigger thing and they even got imagineers to talk about the showcased ride in interviews in the magazine! 

The E-ticket magazine started in 1986 and went until 2009 having 46 issues. It only ended because the one brother, Leon died in 2003 causing the other one to only publish  more after the death. After the last one was published, Jack Janzen sold the rights of the magazine to The Walt Disney Family Museum (WDFM) that can be found in San Francisco California. 

While WDFM isn't publishing anymore magazines, you can still find all of them in the gift store, some even available for purchase. They even have the magazines on CD's due to their sheer popularity with Disney fans. 

While these magazines weren't known by many, the ones who did know about them loved them. For me personally I have never had a chance to own one as I've never been in WDFM. I have read many online however to get the feel of how they worked and I just had one word while reading them... WOW!

Maybe one day they will be brought back but like so many other articles on here.... It's all just in the past unfortunately.

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