Friday, 12 September 2014

New Frozen Ride

This isn't like a normal post I make. This one is more of an opinion than anything else. But please remember, this is just MY opinion and don't take it personally or as a threat!

As you may be aware, it was announced that there would be a new ride in Epcot about the movie 'Frozen'. Like many others, I found this exciting news as it's not just a new ride but also a Frozen ride that everyone has been waiting for for a while. So I thought that'd I had to read this article instantly! I opened it up and I was thoroughly disappointed. I read that it was going to be replacing the Maelstrom, the Norway ride in the World Showcase. I thought that this was a terrible idea for a few reasons.

First off, Maelstrom was a great ride. I know what you are all thinking... "But Corvyn, wait times and popularity was dropping like flies!" Yeah, I know it was... But that's common with rides 25 years old... The easy way to fix it is do what they did to Star Tours in Disneyland. Close it for a year long refurbishment and re-open it and you'll have an hour or two lineup at the beginning wig then a slow decline in the line wait like all rides. It was never an E-ticket attraction and never will be so you can't expect wait times like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Radiator Springs Racers. But an advantage is that there is new dark rice technology as you could see in Alice in Wonderland or Seven Dwarfs, screens used realistically to see like animatronics. This technology is fairly new in the Disney Parks and is the perfect solution for the Maelstrom.

Second, Frozen doesn't link to Norway properly. Frozen is based in Norway, but it's a fake Norwegian city. If you wanted to travel to Norway you couldn't co to Arendelle. You could, however go to Oslo and see some things that you can see in the Maelstrom ride. Putti the frozen ride in the world showcase would be like turning France's world showcase into Beauty and the Beast. Again, based in France but not a real city. It doesn't work as the point of the world showcase is to point out different and showcase different countries around the world. Not fake cities used in an animated movie based on a real country.

Third, I feel different movies should have gotten rides first. While Frozen is huge and all I felt like there is a better use of the money for different movies to get a ride. The perfect example is the Lion King. Before Frozen, Lion King was the most popular movie grossing wise there was for Disney. It still doesn't have a ride in Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort or Disneyland Paris. It was the biggest movie for 20+ years with no ride while they are announcing the Frozen ride less than a year after the movie came out. Another example would be The Jungle Book or Mary Poppins or Beauty and the Beast. All big movies with no ride.

I think these three reasons are all I need to explain my reasons to why I think this ride will be bad. Until next time!


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