Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hidden Mickeys

Sorry about the lateness of the post, things came up that I had to deal with. This one won't have any pictures as that reason caused me troubles let alone trying to get the pictures. These are just five Hidden Mickeys that you can find throughout Disneyland in no particular order.

1. California Screamin'. The one I am talking about in this ride is during the loop. When you are upside down, look straight up (or down) to the ground and look for three concrete circular disks forming a Hidden Mickey in the gravel around a support post. I like this one for the complexity of finding it. It isn't anything fancy, you just may need to go on it more than once to see it.

2. Haunted Mansion. There are lots of Hidden Mickeys inside the Haunted Mansion but the one I a, talking about is in the ballroom scene that is the classic. While in the ballroom scene look at the table. There will be a large plate and two saucepans forming a Hidden Mickey. Cast members (re, I mean ghosts) will change the location of it on the table from time to time so just pay attention to the whole table.

3. Space Mountain. To me, this one is underrated. It's the speakers on the ride cart. To me I just find that fascinating as its so simple yet look so beautiful as they are just black speakers. It also has some sentimental value to me as it was the first one I ever found but I still love it and always will love it.

4. Mr. Toad's/ Peter Pan. This one is tricky for location as its on the outside façade. While looking at the façade look for a glass window showing merchandise. Inside the merchandise window is Duffy. But it isn't Duffy that is the Hidden Mickey but the fact that is paw is Mickey. They aren't both like that, just the one. I find it cool as its just adding something to something else already known. Now I don't know if it is still there seeing how Duffy is no longer at the park.

5. Route 66. This Hidden Mickey is tricky to see so you have to be in the right place to  see it. I find the best place to see it is stand near the Radiator Springs Racers entrance queue. While standing there look towards the Tower of Terror. Look on the telephone wire for a knot. The knot in the wire looks like Mickey. I like this one as its one of the more complicated ones I've seen. I wouldn't have seen it if I wasn't talking to a Cast Member while waiting for RSR to re-open after shutting down during a maintenance error. 

These are all for now and you'll see more next weekend!


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